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Nationwide Enforcement Services protect and serve your business, From security solutions to property protection and maintenance our dedicated teams will ensure your business and assets are in capable hands.

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Nationwide Enforcement Services make sure the greatest corporate guards are matched with your needs, selecting the appropriate individual for the job. We will make sure that the security officers provided to you have the necessary training, disposition, and experience if you need our manned guarding security officers to provide customer service.
We are aware that the current security officer’s responsibilities go above and beyond those in the past and call for a diverse range of skills. The meet and greet services at building entrances, staffing a reception area, answering phones, and providing general concierge services are all things our guards can help with.

Our Featured Services

Security Guards

Our officers are among the most skilled and watchful people you will find working in the security industry today, and they can provide a fully comprehensive manned guarding security service to meet your needs.

Event Security

First and foremost, you can rest easy knowing that the security of your event is in capable hands. We can assist if your event calls for welcome and greeting attendees, bag checks, parking management, or others.

Mobile Patrols

Homes and businesses are frequent targets for burglars, trespassers, and vandals, but our mobile security patrols are a perfect and efficient way to safeguard your property from outside threats.

Key Holding and Alarm Response

In the event that an alarm is triggered at your residence or place of business, we offer you a quick keyholding and alarm response service.

CCTV Systems

We provide free site visits and quotations. And we’d be happy to come to you whenever it’s convenient so we can put together a proposal for our CCTV installation services

Canine Security

Our professionally qualified and outfitted security dog handlers are completely verified and licenced, and you can rely on them to provide outstanding and trustworthy service day and night.

Fencing & Lighting

Use our fencing solutions to ensure that the border of your site is clearly marked. Regardless of the kind of company you run or whether you need a short-term or long-term solution, we are the right choice for you.

Lock and Unlock Service

We provide on-demand/on-call services in addition to our regularly scheduled open-up and lock-up services. Our emergency intervention system is useful in the event of an alarm, or the requirement for entry by a contractor or tradesperson.

Fire Watch

You will require fire watch security services if your fire alarm, fire extinguisher, or sprinkler system is ineffective. A fire outbreak does not just occur in locations with combustible or reactive materials. To avoid such an occasion, our services are here for you

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Security Business Benefits

Rapid Solution to Problem

Security guards can provide a quick response to any prospective or real threats in addition to serving as a visible deterrent.

UK Wide Coverage

We provide security services, event security, mobile patrols, key holding, lock and unlock services and fire watch covering whole UK

Crime Prevention

The presence of security officers considerably reduces the likelihood of vandalism, stealing, and other crimes by acting as an effective visual deterrent.

Unique Security Services

Only the most highly trained SIA licenced officers are sent out by us. We are Safe Contractor-approved.

Professional Security Services

Relish in the knowing that your solution will be customised to meet your unique security needs, ensuring that you receive a distinct, top notch service.

Diverse Skill Set to offer

With a vast range of abilities to provide, we have you covered whether you need patrols, customer service, or surveillance.

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Choose Nationwide Enforcement Services right away if you’re seeking for a motivated, trustworthy, and client-focused security business in the UK.

We constantly strive to provide all of our customers with effective and trustworthy security solutions. We are perfectly qualified to create a customised package that safeguards your company because our skill set spans a variety of sectors, including corporate, retail, and construction.

Regardless of how extensive or minimal your security needs are, we can create a solution specifically for you. For a fast, free quotation, just give us a call at the toll-free number 0333 011 3015.

Frequently Asked Questions

A security guard is someone who is employed to protect either a building, land or person against intruders, damage or harm. This is usually achieved through visual deterrence and physical presence. Security guards serve a vital role in ensuring businesses stay functionable in areas of high crime.

In today’s society Security guards are pivotal in ensuring businesses remain safe in and out of normal working hours. Additionally, Security guards can offer protection and visual deterrence to potential criminals who are targeting specific companies and buildings. Every company has some degree of security measure in place whether that be a Security Guard, CCTV, fencing or a simple door lock. Securing your assets and property is of huge importance to all businesses across the country.

Security guards do not have the same powers as the Police but can perform a citizens arrest, refuse to enter premises and with consent, they can search you and your belongings before allowing entrance. However, security guards are not allowed to carry any weapons including firearms, tasers or batons unless licenses to do so.

Nationwide Enforcement Services has built over 10 years of experience in the Security industry and are proud to be one of the UK’s leading security providers.

We believe that Security guards must look approachable, professional and presentable as they are a figure of authority. That’s why all of our guards come smartly uniformed. This includes a white shirt, black trousers and tie and black shoes. Guards will also have high visibility vests/jackets to easily identify themselves as security officers.

We hand pick guards for each site by recruiting and short listing all candidates. Firstly, we go through guards that are trained, experienced and available based on the site requirement. Interviewing each one of the candidates, we determine how many of the candidates are suitable, local to the site and from that list we select which guards we believe have the best skills and qualities to meet the requirements for the site.

We hold various industry accreditations and are a fully insured Security provider. Specially Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS)

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) are the regulatory body responsible for creating the rules and regulations of the private security industry sector.